When a fatal car crash happens for any reason, it can have devastating consequences for the families of any victims. They may struggle financially, from unexpected expenses related to the car accident, or a loss of income. As stressful as that can be, it is often second to the emotional turmoil they experience as they attempt to go on with life after the loss of their loved one. This could be what one Louisiana family is facing after a recent car crash took the life of a 28-year-old man.

According to authorities, the crash happened on a recent evening as the weekend drew to a close. The young man was driving southward approaching an intersection. Police say that, as he crossed the intersection, another vehicle traveling west ran a red light. The second vehicle T-boned the first.

The man in the first car, a Transportation Security Administration agent, did not survive the accident. The second driver, who has not yet been identified, was taken to a local hospital for treatment of injuries that were not serious. Police say that they are awaiting results of a toxicology screening and that this is an ongoing investigation. There is no word on whether they intend to file criminal charges against anyone in connection with the crash.

Whatever decision the police make, the family of the man who died could still choose to pursue civil litigation against any parties deemed responsible for the car accident. Those who find themselves in a similar situation may find it beneficial to speak with an attorney here in Louisiana. A legal professional who has extensive experience handling personal injury and wrongful death litigation may be a family’s best chance at seeing justice served.