Car crashes happen for all sorts of reasons, but those that occur due to preventable circumstances can feel particularly upsetting. When someone dies in that kind of crash, the victim’s family may feel even more heartbroken as they try to come to terms with what happened to their loved one. A recent fatal car accident here in Louisiana may well fit into this category because law enforcement claims the driver at fault showed signs of intoxication.

The crash occurred late on a Sunday evening on a state highway. A man riding his motorcycle, according to authorities, was struck by an SUV. Police claim say the driver of the SUV crossed over the center line just before the impact. The man on the motorcycle did not survive.

Police report that the woman admitted she’d consumed both wine and prescription Adderall before the collision. They also reported that she did not pass field sobriety tests and that they are awaiting results of a blood sample after an error with a breath sample she submitted. They have charged her with vehicular homicide, not wearing a seat belt and improper lane usage. There is no word on whether she may face any additional charges in connection with the incident.


Even if this woman is acquitted of the criminal charges she is facing, the family of the man who died has other legal options available. They could decide to file a wrongful death claim against her and/or anyone else deemed responsible for the car accident. Anyone here in Louisiana in a similar situation may want to consult an attorney with experience in handling personal injury and wrongful death claims.