People who ride motorcycles often feel a sense of freedom on the road. Though this time of year isn’t typically conducive to that kind of travel, it won’t be long before warmer weather gives motorcycle enthusiasts a chance to enjoy the open road. Unfortunately, this mode of travel often carries significantly higher risk of injury or even fatality in the event of a crash. A recent motorcycle accident that took the life of one rider here in Louisiana shows just how grave the danger can be.

According to authorities, the collision happened on a recent evening at the end of the weekend. Police say that an SUV heading north on a state highway traveled across the center line and struck a motorcycle heading south. The driver of the motorcycle was thrown from the bike and did not survive the crash. The driver of the SUV had to be treated for injuries.

Police claim that the woman driving the SUV may have been impaired at the time of the collision. They arrested her on multiple charges. She must now answer criminal charges for vehicular homicide and improper lane usage in court.


The family of the motorcycle rider may be dealing with more than just their grief at the loss of their loved one. They may be struggling with outstanding costs that resulted from the accident, such as funeral expenses, or a loss of family income. They could pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver of the SUV and/or anyone else deemed at fault for the motorcycle accident. An attorney here in Louisiana with extensive experience in this area of the law may prove to be a valuable resource at a difficult time.