A car crash here in Louisiana can happen to almost anyone, but when it happens because of someone else, it is particularly upsetting. If that collision happens to result in someone’s death, the tragedy is only amplified. Police are still searching for answers after a recent car accident involving multiple vehicles resulted in the death of one person as well as injuries to others.

The crash happened on a recent afternoon, according to authorities. They say that a van heading west struck a passenger vehicle traveling north on a highway. The driver of the passenger vehicle was thrown from the vehicle and both drivers, as well as a passenger in the second vehicle, had to be rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The passenger in the vehicle that was hit did not survive his injuries, dying at the hospital. Authorities say that they are still attempting to determine exactly what occurred. They also stated that they are awaiting results of toxicology tests as they believe impaired driving may have been a contributing factor in the crash.

Even if police decide not to press charges, the person deemed at fault for the collision could still face civil litigation from the family of the man who died. They may be looking at extensive medical bills, funeral costs or other expenses as a result of the car accident. Filing a wrongful death claim with the assistance of a Louisiana attorney who has a thorough understanding of that area of the law may be a way to hold those responsible accountable.