When families lose someone they love in a crash, it is often difficult for them to understand precisely what happened. This is particularly true when someone else is at fault for the car accident. Families may wonder whether anything could have saved their loved one from someone else’s poor choices. This could be one Louisiana family’s experience after a recent wrong-way crash on the interstate resulted in a fatality.

The collision occurred on a recent early evening on I-10. According to authorities, a pickup truck was heading east on the westbound side of the highway. That truck allegedly hit another truck before it struck a third pickup truck head-on. Police say that the first truck hit a fourth passenger vehicle before finally coming to a stop.

The driver in the second truck died at the scene of the accident, even though he was using proper safety restraints. The driver of the first truck suffered minor injuries and the other two drivers were uninjured. Officials say that the investigation is ongoing, but that criminal charges are pending. It is possible that impaired driving was a factor in this crash.

Even if the driver of the first truck is not charged with any crime relating to the crash, the family of the man who died may decide to file a civil claim against him and/or any other party deemed responsible. In a car accident such as this one, a family may incur significant expenses due to medical bills and/or funeral expenses. Filing a civil suit may be a way to recoup those costs. Those with questions may want to speak to a personal injury attorney here in Louisiana who can inform them of available options.