Truck accidents can occur for a variety of reasons in Louisiana, the leading cause being driver error. This includes drunk and drugged driving, inattentive driving, speeding and drowsy driving. Studies show that in 81% of truck accidents involving driver error, the passenger vehicle driver rather than the trucker was to blame.

There are four other major causes of truck accidents. One of them is bad weather since truckers who do not know the proper braking techniques may skid, hydroplane or jackknife when the roads are slippery from rain, ice or snow.

Another is lack of maintenance. Truckers will be to blame if they failed to inspect their rig and fill out a vehicle maintenance report before each shift; the law requires them to do this. It’s well known how dangerous, for example, worn brake pads and cracked windshields can be. Equipment may malfunction, too: the fourth common cause of truck accidents. Oftentimes, the parts manufacturer is to blame for a defective or dangerous product, and the company selling trucks with such parts may be held responsible, too.

The last cause is improper cargo loading. There are limits regarding the dimensions and weight of cargo. Cargo must also be properly secured, or it will fall out of the truck, injuring or killing those in its wake.

In the case of trucking accidents that are caused by the trucker, trucking company, parts manufacturer or cargo loaders, those who are injured may file a claim against the responsible party and be compensated for medical bills and other damages. They may want to consult with a lawyer, though, because the other side may be aggressive in denying the claim. Moreover, personal injury lawyers might have a network of investigators and medical experts who can help build a case.