Just as members of the Truck Safety Coalition were pushing for stricter truck safety regulations, lawmakers introduced a bill that, if passed, would take one important step toward this goal. Truckers and truck fleet owners in Louisiana should know that the bill, H.R. 3773, will require all new commercial trucks to have automatic emergency braking installed.

The bill is called the Safe Roads Act of 2019 and will direct the Secretary of Transportation in creating a new standard regarding AEB. This standard will be meant to cover all AEB use while trucks are in operation. Automatic emergency braking is a device that can apply the brakes for truckers who fail to react in time to warnings of an impending collision. The feature costs around $500.

The Truck Safety Coalition is also commending lawmakers for introducing a bill called the INSURANCE Act. Two of the representatives behind the Safe Roads Act introduced this bill, which calls for motor carriers’ minimum insurance requirements to be adjusted according to the inflation rate set by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

AEB only protects against one type of collision, though. The Truck Safety Coalition is pushing for the mandatory use of speed limiters as well as front and side guards that protect against ride-unders.

In truck collisions involving a passenger vehicle, it is normally the occupants of the latter who are seriously harmed. In this state, accident victims may recover damages regardless of their degree of fault. Of course, the more they were to blame, the less likely they are to be compensated. This is why victims who intend to file a claim may want to hire a lawyer first. That way, they might have experienced professionals gathering proof for them and negotiating on their behalf for a fair settlement.