Drunk driving is a scourge on the roads in Louisiana and across the country. This is why there have been so many efforts made to eliminate the behavior. Nevertheless, crashes related to drunk driving took 10,874 lives in the United States in 2017 alone, according to federal statistics. Now, Volvo is looking to help prevent drunk driving by installing autonomous technologies that could detect symptoms of intoxication and distraction behind the wheel.

According to Volvo, these technologies would enable the car to send multiple warning signals to the driver. If the driver behind the wheel does not respond, the car would be able to actively intervene. The auto manufacturer said that the purpose of the technology would be to stop potentially deadly car accidents before they occur. If impairment is detected, the car could slow its speed and park on the side of the road. The company said the technology would be available for installation by the early 2020s.

Volvo spokespeople claim their systems will use cameras to look for signs of danger, including drivers who are either not touching the steering wheel or closing their eyes. They also said that the technology would take note of weaving from lane to lane. This is only the latest announcement of additional safety systems from the auto manufacturer. Volvo also announced that it plans to cap the max speeds of its future vehicles at 112 miles per hour.

Until technology completely eliminates reckless driving behavior, drunk driving crashes will continue to pose a threat on Louisiana roads. An individual who has been injured by a drunk driver can contact a personal injury lawyer to seek compensation for damages.