Those who travel in a limo expect that they will have safe transportation to wherever they need to go. However, Louisiana residents may have heard about the limo crash in New York that killed a total of 20 people. According to the state’s governor, the vehicle in question failed an inspection and should not have been in service at the time of the accident.

In New York, vehicles that seat 10 or more people must be inspected by the Department of Transportation. Drivers must also be licensed, and they need to meet federal standards if they drive across state lines or into Canada. Federal requirements include the need for additional records as well as medical exams for drivers. If a driver wishes to operate a vehicle that seats nine or more passengers, he or she must have a commercial driver’s license.

Furthermore, that person is subject to vision and other testing to ensure that he or she can operate the vehicle safely. It was reported that the driver involved in the accident did not have the proper license to drive the limo. Those who choose limo transportation should know that it is a good idea to wear a seat belt if their vehicles have them. They should also know that some limos will not come with safety features such as side airbags.

Individuals who get into car accidents may have the right to take legal action against the driver who caused them to occur. Drivers may be negligent in doing so if they don’t have the proper license or are driving faulty vehicles. Injured victims may be entitled to compensation for damages, such as medical bills or lost wages. They may also receive lost future earnings related to injuries obtained in a car accident.