When school is in session, more buses appear on the road and children are more likely to dart out into streets. However, motorists can help keep the roads in Louisiana safe by following a few tips.

For example, people should avoid all distracting activities like calling, texting, eating, or fidgeting with the radio while behind the wheel. Drivers should also watch out for children in school zones, at bus stops and by crosswalks. They must obey the speed limits and make their turns carefully.

Cars are required to slow down near school buses with their yellow lights on. When the buses have their red lights on and stop arms extended, cars must stop. It’s illegal to pass a stopped school bus that’s on an undivided roadway. To be safe, drivers should keep a 10-foot safety zone for any kids getting on/off the bus.

If traffic is heavy, drivers may want to consider some more general tips. They should look out for cars emerging from parking lots, driveways and alleyways; bicyclists pulling up into blind spots; and taillights coming on in front of them. When possible, drivers are advised to stay on familiar routes and scan a block or two ahead.

Unsafe driving can easily lead to car accidents, and those who are at fault will be open to third-party insurance claims. Victims, for their part, may want to hire a lawyer if they have the grounds for such a claim. The lawyer can also hire investigators to strengthen a case with proof, such as police reports and eyewitness testimony. This will make it easier to negotiate for a settlement.